Emerging Artists Exhibition 2021

22 JAN 2021 | 5PM-9PM

For the 5th year, Var Gallery will present its annual Emerging Artists Exhibition. Select artists from both MIAD and the Peck School of the Arts were chosen based on unique vision, socially engaging concept, innovative technique, active studio practice, and participation within a broader artistic network. Curator and Gallery owner Josh Hintz says about the importance of showcasing new talent, “Milwaukee's creative culture has been on the rise and thriving. It is increasingly important that we continue to support the emerging artists that are ambitiously doing their part to perpetuate this collective effort through community involvement and engaging work.” 

Featured artists include:




Kimberly Dadtka is an artist based out of Milwaukee and a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee with Bachelor’s degrees in Painting and Drawing as well as Film, Animation, Video and New Genre. As a painter, Dadtka is interested in exploring the materiality, perceptions, and formal traditions of painting. She does this by employing the visual language of abstraction with unconventional materials and application processes. Since graduating, Dadtka has exhibited in the 7th Annual Collective Show with Var Gallery as well as created "Tinsel", the first-ever holiday installation for Saint Kate Arts Hotel.



Sindie Kim is a queer Vietnamese-American artist working out of the midwest. He explores different mediums to locate himself in proximity to the communities he belongs to. [ in any given space i am a 2000’s scene kid confirmed under the patron saint catherine with a lactose intolerance and bad vietnamese who likes cooking and hates sweating i am my mother’s rib and my father’s shoulders i am six feet above and one hundred eighty pounds under God ]



I feel like I wanna

Save the world again

I feel like I'm the

Only one who can


And a evil

Carry the world in my bag

Bag lady

Don't step on the crack

You'll break ya mama's back

It is a dog eat dog world

And I’ma bitch



Ryan Johnathon Schlumberger is a digital media artist based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His work ranges from traditional photographic prints and landscape photography to a generative digital installation. The work has sparked intrigue across Milwaukee with shows planned to be displayed within the university setting and plans for galleries to display his work across Milwaukee. His work deals primarily with current trends in technology and our relationship with digital media and traditional themes found in the realm of post-internet artwork. Ryan’s artistic output often consists of meditative looks at our relationship with technology and digital media, leaving the viewer to stem further conversations from the subject of his creations. Having attended the School of Art and Design at Peck School of the Arts, based at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, he recently graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts with an emphasis on Photography and Imaging in the Spring of 2020.



Cory Stubing is an artist working in mediums of photography and still-life sculpture. His work embraces relationships between light, nature, and the built environment. Through investigations in the landscape and studio, his work challenges the camera’s ability to capture reality. Stubing focuses his attention on the ways in which fiction and narrative can overlap. His ongoing project, ‘OTHER LINES’ derives from a time of loss and growth. Here Stubing finds something special in not having all the information given to you. Discovers beauty within the shadows, for where there is nothing, there is everything.



Sara Werner is an artist working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She received her Bachelor in Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her work focuses on the celebration of black female beauty. Her perspective as a biracial woman in America has allowed her to question the difference between positive and fetishistic representation of black females. Werner’s paintings look at the modern black women while also paying homage to African-American culture that she was surrounded by growing up. She does this by incorporating sewing, braiding, crocheting and the use of patterned fabric as the canvas for her paintings. One of her paintings was featured in the Student Art Gallery at UWM which sold and is on display on campus. Two of her pieces were featured at the Var Gallery in Milwaukee for the UWM Graduate Student show We Might Have Been Born Yesterday…But We Stayed Up All Night.






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