My paintings turn the visceral feelings of being in a trans* body into a queer cosmology. Working through gender dysphoria, my work values a knowledge that is rooted in the body, in the psyche, and in the paralogical experience. The loss of figuration into abstraction mimics the discomfort of losing 'shape' and existing in the liminal space of 'other' in terms of gender. Using the fleshiness of paint is as a metaphor, I explore the invisible and experiential notions of gender, sexuality and agency.


Part autobiographical and part research based; I concurrently look into the stories of trans* peoples and/or concepts as told throughout various histories, mythologies and religions. Using these stories as a jumping board, I weave in my own personal narrative. Using the transformative magic of the trans* Gods, Deities, and Spirits, I can perpetually rewrite my own truth and re-fabricate my very being. As the bodies within my paintings break the anatomical lines of their biology, they expose the ambiguity, complexity and myriad of rich history that is queered human experience. In a continual inversion of self, they ask to be reckoned with, to be seen in all their slipperiness of continual becoming. 


While maintaining and affirming the legitimacy and accuracy of other peoples stories, I aim to create my own doctrine; my own cosmological myth of how we began and how we will end. Tweaking moral, physical and social laws, I create an ideology that is fluid, malleable and open.

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