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At Var Gallery & Var West Gallery

For the very first time, the Var Studio Arts will be taking over both Var Gallery and Var West Gallery for one massive collective exhibition. The collective exhibition will feature 35 of its’ artists, both emerging and established, working in a range of disciplines. From painting and drawing to multi- media installations, represented areas of focus span interests of identity, community, trauma, conflict and peace making, the built environment and the natural world, craft, beauty, ideology and myth making, politics, queer and feminist theory and even sci-fi and fantasy. 


This show will be as much a celebration of Vars growth, as Var’s gratitude to its artists for their immeasurable contributions to Var. After all, no institution, gallery or community can exist without its artists. Here is the list of 35 artists exhibiting:

Liala Amin, Marsha Abramson, Melissa Courtney, Kimberly Dadtka, Emma Daisy, Melissa Dorn, Mary Drabiszczak, Sheena Eastman, Jody Emery, Benjamin Fairly, Josh Hintz, David Najib Kasir, Callie Kiesow, Nykoli Koslow, Lennis Mathews, Angela Minga, Pearl O'Brien, Mia Pergl, Will Pergl, LaSonia Ragsdale, Maggie Sasso, Reid Sancken, Kate Schaffer, Michelle Schilling, Brian Schneider, Becca Segal, Laurie Segal, Anna Siemsen, Haley Stewart, Sarah Sutterfield
Jason VanRoo, Kiersten Wohlgemuth, Dave Watkins, Lindsey Yeager, Lauren Zens