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Lindsey  Yeager

It’s easy to believe that nothing will ever heal. Grieving the way things used to be and moving on from the chance to live without fear seems like natural order, but it’s remarkable what we’re capable of salvaging and recuperating. While the present may suggest otherwise, it is not naïve or selfish to think the world has the capacity for positive change, even if that change does not and cannot come immediately. It’s brave to think conditions are not as hopeless as they’re made out to be regardless. 


And it’s okay to still be angry about your unwilling participation in this fight. No one asks to be in this kind of pain. Hurt can be projected onto anyone, regardless of how good of a person they are, and it’s okay to question the fairness of that.


Once you’ve grieved the world as you knew it and accepted these new conditions, what can you cultivate? The hollowness of this world will remain for now, but how can you redefine humanness with this hurt in your periphery? While you, as one person, cannot change everything, what do you want to change? Who are you now, after all this? What is your place within it? What is the next version of your life?

Lindsey Yeager a fine artist and illustrator currently based in Milwaukee, WI. She is a 2021 graduate of Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design with degrees in both New Studio Practice and Illustration, a 2021-22 Bridge Work Fellow, and a two-time Society of Illustrators awardee. While her current studio practice centers around drawing, painting, and printmaking, she considers herself interdisciplinary. She deals with themes related to living in a deteriorating world, and as of late, trying to reestablish a sense of self when the circumstances make it challenging to do so. Lindsey’s work typically makes some link between society and nature, between human and animal, translating and reframing human contexts into raw, fearful, and bestial allegories. Her work speaks of tenderness in a commanding voice.

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