Acrylic on Cradled Wood


1. The Others
2. Held On the Inside
3. Standout In Yellow
4. Bi-laterally from March Until May
5. Second Attempt
6. A Gentle Escape Facing West
7. Trying Too Hard
8. Thirst For Stillness  
9. Ranunculus & Tulips Among Others
10. Facing Each One
11. And Still They Pine For More
12. She Reached for One and They Shattered In Her Hands
13. Forward and Out
14. I think You Should
15. It Could Have Gone Two Ways, They Said
16. Safely Nestled In Dark
17. The Color of Fortune
18. Cloudy After a Shock to the System
19. Delicate Defenses
20. Sometimes Tangled
21. Hiding In the Folds Between Grief and Grace
22. Fitting Like They Do
23. Occasionally You Must Walk In Line, Long Established, Undistinguished
24. Out In the Cold
25. Duck and Run
26. Heavy Into the Frey
27. Buried and Sage
28. I Stay, You Fold
29. Just Trying to Blend In
30. She Asked Why Not

Emma Daisy Gertel