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Emerging Artists

Var Gallery annually presents its Emerging Artists Exhibition. Select artists from both MIAD and the Peck School of the Arts were chosen based on unique vision, socially engaging concepts, innovative techniques, active studio practice, and participation within a broader artistic network. Curator and Gallery owner Josh Hintz says about the importance of showcasing new talent, “Milwaukee's creative culture has been on the rise and thriving. It is increasingly important that we continue to support the emerging artists that are ambitiously doing their part to perpetuate this collective effort through community involvement and engaging work.” 



Exhibiting Artists

Andrea Cabrera Manuel, Isabel Cooling, Geornica Daniels, Reagan Glaser, Brandom Terrez-Sanchez, and Max Volk

Exhibiting Artists

Kelis Ferguson, Abi Logsdon, Lillian Luft, Maria Spengel, Madeline Renner, and Zuzu Utz


Exhibiting Artists

Griffen Gilreath, Ian Izard, Hunter Louis, Dominique Miller, Z Moralez, and Alan Peralta


Exhibiting Artists

Kimberly Dadtka, Sindie Kim, Sansan, Ryan Schlumberger, Cory Stubing, Sara Werner


Exhibiting Artists

Pheonix S. Brown, Mariah Ferrari, Alyssa Kaboskey, Vaughan Larsen, Sal Nicholson, Reed Skocz


Exhibiting Artists

Molly Hassler, Melissa Mursch, Brian Pf'ister, Emma Ponath, Brennen Steines, Izzy Waite


Exhibiting Artists

Joe Acri, Ella Anderson, DakotaSky Bowen, Atticus Rabatin, LaNia Sproles Sarah Sutterfield


Exhibiting Artists

AGabriela Riveros, Caitlyn Doran, Erich Hazen, Kaylie Steinh'aus


Exhibiting Artists

Danielle Dahl, Rachel Clark, Rachel Hausmann, Elaina Johann, Ryan Mahony

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