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Var Collective

Every year, Var Gallery proudly presents its Collective Exhibition—a curated showcase celebrating the diverse talents of our selected artist residents. Spanning a myriad of mediums, from paintings to multimedia installations, our exhibitions touch upon a wide array of themes: from identity and community to the wonders of nature, the complexities of societal discourse, myth-making, and beyond. Embracing both emerging voices and established talents, our annual exhibitions aim to inspire, challenge, and engage.



Exhibiting Artists

Marsha Abramson, Abi Grace, Melissa Dorn, Ella Anderson, Lindsey Yeager, David Najib Kasir, Bill Walker, Emma Daisy, Dominique Miller, Callie Kiesowm, Brian Schneider, Jason Van Roo, Nykoli Koslow, Adam Ossers, Lennis Mathews, Dan Herro, Tanner MacArthur, Deb Dila, Audrey Jerabek, Andrea Dolter,


Exhibiting Artists

Liala Amin, Ella Anderson, Helena Baka, Emma Daisy, Deb Dila, Melissa Dorn, Mary Drabiszczak, Sheena Eastman, David Najib Kasir, Nykoli Koslow, Tanner MacArthur, Lennis Mathews, Brendan Murphy, Mia Pergl, Will Pergl, Maggie Sasso, Reid Sancken, Michelle Schilling, Brian Schneider, Laurie Segal, Rebecca Segal, Sarah Sutterfield, Jason VanRoo, Dave Watkins, Jaymee Harvey Willms, Lindsey Yeager



Exhibiting Artists

Liala Amin,Tegan Andrich, Phoenix S. Brown, Melissa Courtney, Emma Daisy, Deb Dila, Melissa Dorn, Jody Emery, Tim Feldges, Justin Fondrie, Sea Heikes, Brian Hibbard, Josh Hintz, David Najib Kasir, Nykoli Koslow, Ryan Laessig, April McGillis, Marco Mendoza, Angela Minga, Brendan Murphy, Riley Niemack, Cristina Ossers, Sophie Perry, Reid Sancken, Kate Schaffer, Michelle Schilling, Brian Schneider, Jason VanRoo, Dave Watkins, Jaymee Harvey Willms

Exhibiting Artists

Kate E. Schaffer, Brian Schneider, Sindie Kim, SANSAN, Adam Ossers, Kimberly Dadtka, LaSonia Ragsdale, Anika Kowalik, Reid Sancken, Jaymee Harvey Willms, Maggie Sasso, Riley Rae Niemack, Jason Van Roo, Lennis Mathews, Rachael Gonzalez, Brendan Murphy, Deb Dila, Brendan Murphy, Jody Emery, Liala Amin, Tim Feldges, Mary Beth Drabiszczak, Dan Watkins, Tegan Andrich, Jayce Kolinkski, Melissa Dorn, Kimberly Dadtka, Laurie Berke Segal, Clare Jorgensen, Jody Emery, Linda Marcus, Rachel Gonzalez


Exhibiting Artists

Allison Taylor, Alyssa Anderson, Andrea Dolter, Andrea Gazzetta, Angela Minga, Anika Kowalik, Ariana Stuckart, Aubrey Rose, Audrey Jerabek, Ben Tyjeski, Blythe Davis, Brian Hibbard, Brian Schneider, Christian Sis, Ck Ledesma, Cristina Ossers, David Mueller, David Najib Kasir, Emmanuel Fritz, Erich Moderow, Francesca Narvez, Jaymee Harvey Willms, Jessica Toman, Jody Emery, Josh Hintz, Karin Davis, Kate Schaffer, Katie Gamb, Margret Petrie, Melissa Courtney, Melissa Dorn, Michelle Schilling, Nykoli Koslow, Reece Howell, Renee Navis, Riley Rae Niemack, Ryan Mahony, Joseph, Sam Pekarske, Sara Shuler, Shawna Hays, Stephanie Barenz Wiegman, Tegan Andrich


Poetry and Reading Performances By 

Sam Pekarske, Freddy La Force, and Stef Schwartz, & Audrey Jeřábek

Exhibiting Artists

Tegan Andrich , Cory O'Brien Borkowski, Jody Emery, Tim Feldges, Freddy La Force, Katie Gamb, Sisco Hollard, Reece Howell, Angela Minga, PJ Moody, Lily Luft, Sam Pekarske, Brian Schneider, Stef Schwartz, Michelle Schilling, Sara Shulerr, Ishshah Sua Teran, Allison Taylor, Jessica Toman, Benito Tyjeski, Sam Kirchoff, Patrick Liddle, Shannah Brockway, Moriah Bame, Beth Bojarski, Jimmy Cha Cha, Melissa Courtney, Rose Curley, Deb Dila, Brian R. Hibbard, Shawna Hays, Josh Hintz, Audrey Jeřábek, David Najib Kasir, Amy Kemp, Nykoli Koslow, Anika M. Kowalik, Allen Lasky, Juleon McGinnis, Monica Miller, Erich Moderow, Sean McDowell, Cristina Ossers, Erin Peterson, J.c. Rogers, Madison Sternig Creative, Simon Teigeiro


Exhibiting Artists

Tegan Andrich, Brema Brema, Cory Borkowski, Jimmy Cha Cha, Jody Emery, Tim Feldges, Allen Lasky, Brian Hibbard, Josh Hintz, Reece Howell, Daleshontai Jene, Audrey Jeřábek, Nykoli Koslow, Anika M. Kowalik, David Najib Kasir, Aubrey Kroiss, Juleon McGinis, Angela Minga, David Mueller, PJ Moody, Cristina Ossers, Lily Luft, Margret Petrie, Cera Propper, Rob Randolph, Brian Schneider, Stef Schwartz, Michelle Schiling, Sara Shuler, Christian Sis, Ishshah Sua Teran, Allison Taylor, Simon Teigeiro, Jessica Toman, Ben Tyjeski 

The writers and poets in residence include

Sisco Hollard • Freddy La Force • Sam Pekarske • Margaret Wilson


Exhibiting Artists 

Tegan Andrich, Angela Minga, Tim Feldges, Josh Hintz, Nykoli Koslow, PJ Moody, Christian Sis, Brian Schneider, Ben Tyjeski, Natalie Brey, Aubrey Rose, Jessica Toman, Ryan Mahony, Erin Lynne Pfaff, Stephanie Barenz-Wiegman, Stef Schwartz, Allison Taylor, Ishshah Sua Teran, Chloe Branen, Cristina Ossers, Riley Rae Niemack, Ayla May Boyle


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