Jason Van Roo

Stemming from time spent in the forest as a child and subsequently, throughout his life, Jason Van Roo's practice is an exploration of his relationship to the natural world as a grounding and energizing force. Drawing from both the material and impalpable aspects of wilderness, he works in the vocabulary of found or salvaged wood along with the passage of time, light, and reflection. His use of color and mark-making are not in the pursuit of imitation; rather, they are an effort to arrive at a hidden truth, and intersection of the tangible and intangible.

The resulting paintings are not only documents of 'deep time' spent in nature, they also engage with the malleable and organic nature of time itself. Van Roo's work invites the viewer to let themselves get lost in the deeply rendered layers of acrylic and pastel which lean into the grain of the wood as though the image of the forest could have emerged from the tree itself. This collapsing of the differentiation between material, process, and subject matter subverts the objectivity of time and the arbitrary distinction of what is bound to humanity and what is bound to nature.

Opening Reception:

5-9 PM Friday, January 21, 2022