517 W. Bruce St. Apt. 4


















summer ‘21


tenancy terminated 

and my first hormone shot


what Has changed? |


a plea to pause, be-

cause coming out and moving

was a lot 


517 W. Bruce St. Apt. 4 is a site-specific exhibition that explores themes of change, transition and time. The show is a curated collection of still, moving, and drawn images created by local artist, Adam White Ossers. All works were created between 2020 and 2022. Additional works made in support of the show can be found at: adamkathleen.tech. Suggested works to browse: Bruce Meets Adam (2022), Goodnight Bruce (2021), and How Many Tomorrows? (2016)  

I rely on my work to unpack the world intermediately. Candid thoughts and everyday observations are documented using a variety of tools including my iPhone, Poloroid camera, and sketchbook. 


In this body of work I prioritized recording and sharing my experience of coming out as transgender, and moving out of Walkers Point after receiving notice that my tenancy on 5th and Bruce Street was to be terminated June 30, 2021. 


Amidst processing these simultaneous instances, I find peace and autonomy in the opportunity to share my story here in Between Two Galleries. I also ask, how might I have asked for help differently during these two transitions? How do I wish I had shown up? And what does grace look like in hindsight? 

Adam White Ossers (b.1993, transgender man) is an interdisciplinary time-based artist.  Adam holds a BFA in Interdisciplinary Art and Technology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and is an artist-in-residence at Var Gallery and Studios located in Walker’s Point. His works have been mentioned in various media outlets including BmoreArt, 88 Nine Radio Milwaukee, COVID-19 MKE, and Leader-Telegram entertainment. He is a Creative Content manager at the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN) located in the Third Ward, and serves on Walker’s Point Center for the Arts board and Marketing Committee. Recent and related, is his teaching of a new Continuing Education course at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD), titled “New Media Journaling: Mindfulness, Decision Making, and Shooting Strategies for Documenting the Everyday”.