Only this can now see me through what I cannot see through.

This body of work is the sum of simple acts taken to extraordinary multitudes. This practice is a therapeutic act. A repetitive, meditative ordering of chaos, the illusion of erasing entropy and diverting anxiety into an expression. The expression being cradles, the framework that supports life in stages of growth, repair, and vulnerability. Both the practice and expression are then, sanctuaries. 


In each piece, something is held. Wood holding memory, light, and space. Furniture holding ourselves, a relational experience of unity and separateness. Paper holding the remnants of change and loss, a marker of what is left. These poems are written in that which I find solace, the cradle in which I lie.


Matthew Vivirito grew up as the third of seven children. This collaborative learning environment led to his desire to be a lifelong student and teacher. During his childhood he began making through construction of family homes, lamps in his father’s lighting store, and fabrication in his grandfather’s shop. As an adult he spent 10 years living in the Colorado Rockies before engaging with an artistic practice. 

Matthew received his BFA in Sculpture and BA in Art History from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2018 and his MFA from UW Madison in 2021 where he was a Kohler Fellow at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. He is currently a practicing artist based out of Milwaukee while working as an adjunct instructor at both Alverno College and the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.