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Andrea Guzzetta is a Los Angeles based artist originally from Wisconsin. She graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a BFA in Sculpture.


Described as 'Lisa Frank without her Xanax', Andrea's distinct style blends the traditional techniques of classical painting with a pastel aesthetic. She uses her bold cheery palette to explore themes of intimacy, vulnerability, and the hidden magic of small moments.

With STRATOSPHERE, Andrea Guzzetta presents a series of new multi-media paintings that explore the fragile impermanence of human relationships to each other and the world. Using traditional techniques of oil painting layered with embroidery, collage, and sculptural elements, Guzzetta’s work explores an obsession with love, death, transition, and growth through visual symbols of raining flowers and rainbows. The layered mediums and symbols are connected through a pastel rainbow palette, often employing twilight gradients of sky blues to sunset pinks. In total, this series presents an immersive meditation on the ephemeral and places human existence in the stratosphere.

Guzzetta bridges concepts of the fleeting with grander existential meaning. She writes, “When I look at the world, I think the most beautiful things are both ephemeral and eternal: clouds, rainbows, sunrises, flowers: they only exist for a brief moment and yet they have existed for millennia. The cloud you're seeing will live a short life, and in the scheme of the universe so will you and I. There's something beautiful about that, about the idea that each individual will love, will grow, will die and that you can chart the beauty of a life in what we leave behind.” 


And as much as these works stand in awe of a greater existence, they also consider the particles of what remains. Guzzetta explains, “I believe that the promise of death gives life meaning and makes every life precious. We are like clouds drifting in the sky. We will break apart, but the essence of what we were will nourish new life in the world, and that's beautiful.”

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