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ERUPTION:An ExplosiveConvergence of Artist

Nov 4 - Nov 27
At Var Gallery on 2nd

Var Gallery is about to Erupt!
Eruption is an exciting exhibition of contemporary abstract artwork featuring three artists living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Melissa Dorn Richards, Jeff Redmon and John Kowalczyk. Together the combination of these three artist's work creates an explosion of abstract expression that is not to be missed!

Printmaking Show.jpeg

Printmaking Show

March 18 - April 10
At Var Gallery on 5th

During the months of March and April Var Gallery will be displaying the work of 12 Milwaukee printmakers. Join us for the opening reception on Friday March 18th

Allison Becker • Melissa Courtney Bowles • Joshua Christensen • Mark Curda • John McGeen • Francesca Narvaez • Cristina Ossers • Jared Plock • Lizzy Salvaggio • Jenny Kyle Smith • Natalie Ricciardi • Austen Weymueller

Polly Ewens.jpeg


Drawings, Photography 

Paul Caster has exhibited his work internationally and has taught figure drawing at MIAD for over 20 years. He is a graduate of the Layton School of Art & Design and studied Gross Anatomy at Marquette University. In the last several years, Paul has also taught video, experimental film, and introduction to opera courses alongside upper-level drawing.

View a retrospective of Paul Caster's work at

Polly Ewens-Caster has been a member of MIAD's faculty for 30 years. In that time, she has taught all levels of drawing in both the Foundations and Fine Arts Divisions. Her expertise includes a solid grounding in Human Anatomy. In the belief that learning is never concluded, Polly went on to study Human Gross Anatomy at both Marquette and Concordia Universities. She is one of a handful of artists who have undertaken this study as a science and then translated that knowledge into visual language which enriches and deepens her students' figurative experience.

As a professional artist, Polly embraces the diversity within the powerful poetry of the drawing act. She has participated in numerous one-person, group and invitational exhibitions. Her work has been reviewed with consistently high acclaim and has received a variety of awards. In addition, Polly's work is represented in private, corporate and university collections.

July 1 - July 29
At Var Gallery on 2nd
head case.jpeg


Head Case 

May 13 - May 27
At Var Gallery on 2nd

Brian Schneider is a multi-disciplinary artist from Greenfield, WI. He received his BFA in 2014 from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and currently creates and shows work at Var Gallery and Studios in Milwaukee. He was awarded first place in the Paul Delisle Figure Drawing Competition in 2014. Brian works in drawing, painting, and mixed media sculpture. His most recent series of sculptures use found and made objects to create dioramas of imaginary spaces. The spaces resemble drawings or paintings in the way that they are organized and constructed. The work feels humorous and playful yet, bodily, eerie and jarring.

Elly Hazard is a painter from Milwaukee, WI. She studied drawing, illustration and painting at MIAD and as a result has a very eclectic art language. After graduating from MIAD in 2014, she has put herself to work in an artist-run event and workspace, MOXY Studios as well as had her art hung in galleries through out Milwaukee. Her work will be published in Studio Visit Magazine this summer. Strongly influenced by traditions of drawing nude models, her work has always been figurative, primarily focusing on the female form. Not only is she addressing historical art concerns on the subject of the female form, but also that of popular culture, advertising, and pornography. Bright colors and quick painting moves give her work an energetic, no-nonsense feel. The heavy subject matter of stereotypes, objectification, and superficiality are presented in aloof, almost satirical ways. Lots of layers and varying painting styles reflect the artist's navigation through contradicting ideas about female roles in society, and what it means for a female form to be present in an image. She hopes her art inspires internal dialogue or discussion of these ideas.

Figure exhibition.jpeg

Figure Exhibition

Aug 5 - Aug 26
At Var Gallery on 2nd

Var Gallery hosts its first figure exhibition opening Friday, August 5th. Featuring the works of 18 extremely dynamic Milwaukee figure artists, this show truly encompasses all that is figure. Our exhibiting artists are:

Tim Black, Kiefer Waterman, Audrey Jerabek, Kenneth Vonderberg, Cole Norton, Raychael Norton, Michele Parliament, Cynthia Hayes, Rebecca Venn, Allyson Smith, Ariana Vaeth, Daniel Fleming, LaNia Sproles, Michael Collazo, David Kasir, Alonna Jagodinski, Ryan Woolgar, Aleisha Kronshagen

Journey For Peace.jpeg


Journey For Peace

Var Gallery presents an exhibition that explores the path for optimism and humanity in our lives.

Featured Artists:
Nina Ghanbarzadeh, drawing and mixed media
Kyle Hoard, vector illustrations
Ben Tyjeski, terra-cotta sculpture

Oct 7 - Oct 28
At Var Gallery on 2nd
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