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Rachel Sanders.jpeg


30 Jan. - 06 Feb.

I live and work in Milwaukee. I am an active artist who is always in the studio making, or biking around town to notice which street is under construction next. I love the immediacy of drawing! I use a variety of tools which i often refer to as my grab-bag. I enjoy seeing what other people make, write, play and think it is important to be able to experience and to relate to the world around me.

My recent work involves the things that surround me in my studio. Things I use to make the work, things I play with (basketball, chess, books, etc...) and what I see out of the studio windows! These are the objects that turn into big blobs of blue, or scratchy, brown brush strokes. It's fun! I have been using a variety of tools to make these paintings and drawings and am excited to share them!

Creamy Huevos.jpeg

Creamy Huevos En Cielito Lindo

13 March 2015

"Creamy Huevos in Cielito Lindo" is a two person painting exhibit featuring the works of Chicago artists Jeremy Pinc and Uriel Correa. The show's themes include 60's Cuban Pop Posters, Psychedelia, Pop Surrealism, and Mid Century Modern Cartooning-- with both artists starting from related reference points but working towards divergent ends. While Correa's highly original and beautifully executed works could fit comfortably alongside works of The Mission School or The Fort Thunder Collective, Pinc works towards a rough textured aesthetic more in line with Art Brut, and while Correa's works have an almost mystical symbolism, Pinc's lean towards a banal comic realism. Both artists paint with brightly colored palettes to create bold compositions that are immediately striking and lively. As a grouping the two artist's works reverberate off each other like good friends lounging at the beach, telling sunny jokes and laughing about music. Well worth a visit.


SELFish: New and Recent Work

8 May 2015

Self: a person's essential being that distinguishes them from others

Artist, friend, sibling, lover, boss – when your identity is tied up in your current circumstances, can you ever fully define yourself? Can you integrate all aspects of your identity into one self at all times, or are you only certain selfs during certain times of your life? Are we all just a little Self/ish?

On May 8 – June 1st, Var Gallery & Studios hosts Daniel Fleming's solo exhibition Self/ish. Self/ish explores the fluidity of identity through aggressive brushwork, expressive symbols and a colorful palette. An Opening Reception will be held Friday, May 8, 6 – 11 p.m. The exhibition and reception are free and open to the public.

CK & Kim.jpeg


5 June 2015

Kim Loper:

I've always been exceptionally interested in the human experience, primarily relationships and our influence on one another. I use anatomical representation to explore social constructions and how identities are assigned to body masses, either by ourselves or by each other. I am curious about how we start out, how our interactions shape the development of our self-identities and how these things affect the ways in which we move through the world.

In my most recent work I have been investigating biological systems, the similarity between human anatomy and plant anatomy. Thinking about the basic ways in which organisms receive nourishment- nutritional and for humans, emotional. I’m especially interested in the choices we make in determining what we feel those nutrients are and in relationships, how we work together or against each other to get our basic needs met.

I'm trying to explore the spaces where our "selves" (or our ideas of our selves) intersect and what those moments of interaction look like.

CK Ledesma

Ck Ledesma was born and raised in Puerto Rico where he began his extensive art education in the Central High de Artes Visuales in Santurce, San Juan. There he attended Middle and High School specializing in ceramics. He studied at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras where he majored in anthropology and at La Escuela de Artes Plasticas where his focus was in Art Education.

In 2007 he moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he became a professional ballroom dancer and instructor while continuing his art education by attending the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, finalizing his BFA at the University of Milwaukee Peck School of Art.

Currently, Ledesma is a working visual artist at Var Studios and Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he is pursuing an interdisciplinary approach to his visual arts.

allusion of depth.jpeg

Allusion of Depth

7 Aug. 2015

Join us to view an exhibition of new work from Milwaukee based artist Willy Carpenter. Carpenter uses a variety of subject matter as infrastructure for his paintings. Employing a cut and paste methodology he assembles images which have a sense of transparency in their creation. This juxtaposition of material and illusory factors calls to attention the rift between representation and reality.


The Mark Of Sound

4 Sept. - 25 Sept.

Bass Structures: the Mark of Sound is an artist collective creating a multidimensional art and music experience exploring the shape of sound. Sound from various sources is played through a surface, causing particles in a medium applied to the surface to arrange themselves into geometric and/or fractal like patterns. The collective then captures those patterns in various ways to make the work that you'll see in our gallery.

Curated by:  Collin Schipper and Emmanuel Fritz 

Bison Confetti Cake.jpeg


6 Nov. - 29 Nov.

Curated by Ners Neonlumberjack, “Bison Confetti Cake” brings together five artists, Katie Batten, Sara Willadsen, CK Ledesma, Jen Price, and Ners Neonlumberjack, with ties to Wisconsin whose works champion generous use of color, painterly process, and the mixed use of animal and non-objective imagery.

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