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“Was I inspired by an early morning drive on the way to church in the station wagon with my wife and my two sons, that, before Louis finishes serenading Ella, we’ve navigated in, through, and out of abandonment with sophisticated realms of everywhere else? Am I a racist because I choose to segregate my colors with clear and divisible lines so that there will be no confusion about one’s place and purpose? Maybe I should feel embarrassed that even while the sun shines through our dining room window, casting questionable shadows from a chair on the adjacent wall, I sometimes feel more refreshed to stare at the hypnotic light coming from behind our television screens. Should I be concerned that I’m motivated by the visual strength given from the standing forests of “man made” that seem to always overwhelm the abundance of what truly is possible and impossible?

Because of this and that, I see God’s nouns, and I work”. - Reginald Baylor 2008

Reginald Baylor, born November 1966 in Milwaukee, Wis., attended the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (1984-88) where he was a sculpture major, but was encouraged to pursue commercial art and art education. Because of his fascination with a philosophy class, he became infatuated with the line and its theories and function.

After college, Reginald relocated to Southern California (1991), and worked for the Laguna Beach Art Museum and Newport Beach Art Museum (1991-93). At this point, Reginald had set aside sculpting due to lack of space and resources and began to paint with acrylics. The experiences in the museum setting reinvigorated Reginald's pursuit of the process of fine art. The pivotal point in this path was a California straight-edge, minimalist artist who suggested that Reginald use masking tape as a tool for decisively executing the linear quality in his work. Reginald received representation by a private art dealer, Suzanne Zada of Beverly Hills, CA in 1995, the same year Reginald moved to Chicago, Ill. While living in Chicago, he began a career as an owner operator/independent contractor for Mason Dixon Trucking. He continuously worked towards mastering his aesthetics, craftsmanship and straight-edge techniques with his acrylic on canvas paintings.

In 2007, Reginald was a recipient of a grant that allowed him to stay for one month at an artistresidency at Ragdale in Lake Forest, Ill. As a direct result of the residency, he decided to stop driving a truck and pursue a full-time career in fine art, and self represent as Reginald Baylor Studio LLC. (RBS) RBS works are on exhibition in permanent collections at the Milwaukee Art Museum (“On Duty, Not Driving”) and the Museum of Wisconsin Art (“The Distance to and From”), both museums required the pieces between 2013-2014. Corporate collections include: Mandel Group, Pfister Hotel, West Bend Mutual, African American Chambers of Commerce, Ascent MKE/New Land Group, Wisconsin Center and Interstate Parking. His work is treasured in many private collections locally and nationally.

When Reginald Baylor founded Reginald Baylor Studio LLC. in 2008, Reggie’s primary focus was to develop and sell his portfolio of large scale acrylic on canvas paintings. Reggie began transforming the studio’s product and design services by contracting with project managers and independent designers. With this expansion, RBS was able to negotiate and execute the production of projects in the area of communication design, logo design, private and corporate commissions, environmental graphics, community-led designs, destination marketing, site specific design , events, and co-branding collaborations. Currently as Brand Director, Reggie is spearheading efforts to elevate the studio’s impact on the creative industry through the broadcasting of its business discoveries, community engagement and organizational strategies.

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