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this / that / the other thing


At Var Gallery on 2nd

Feb 10 - April 9

this / that / the other thing consists of new multi-media works that serve as a vehicle for humor and release from the present reality. Schneider shares, “Humor can dampen painful experiences. Nostalgia and humor also allow a person to let their guard down, allowing for harder to digest ideas to get through. It can draw someone in and allow nuance to be seen where it may otherwise be overlooked. My work often depicts violence or gore, a call back to childhood and Saturday morning cartoons or metaphor for internal suffering.”


Schneider’s works are striking both for their bold imagery and intensive construction. Each work  is built as a custom panel of various shapes. He then cuts, paints, and stains individual pieces of wood to fit within these panels, in order to create objects and patterns. Paint, pencil or stickers are applied to the top of or inside the shaped panels in order to depict curious moments, odd objects, or to deface the original piece. In Scheider’s words, “I see these pieces as painting surfaces and, also, as wall hanging sculptures.”

Brian Schneider is a multi-disciplinary artist from Greenfield, Wisconsin. He received his BFA in 2014 from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.  Schneider works in drawing, painting, photography, mixed media sculpture and digital.

Recent solo and group exhibitions include Structuring Bodies, Structuring Places (Var Gallery), Lost and Found (Riverwest Jazz Gallery), Figure Exhibition (Var Gallery), Gristle Art Gallery (Real Tinsel). His work has been collected by Pfister Hotel and Saint Kate Arts Hotel. This is his second solo exhibition at Var Gallery.

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