I'm a mixed media artist who jumps around from medium to medium quite a bit. Weaving has caught my eye as of late, and I've been working a lot with sky-scapes. I dye fiber with indigo using the traditional fermentation process. A couple of years ago, I had a bit of a spiritual awakening, which has led to a quest for knowledge and understanding of the universe. We are at a pivotal time in history where we must embrace the Divine Feminine ideals of wisdom, intuition, giving, justice, and nurturing (ourselves, each other, and the planet). I explored the moon cycle through January using woven wool, organic indigo, and wax framed yellow birch. I chose my materials with the ideals of sustainability and up-cycling in mind. The wool yarn I chose was from a company devoted to sustainability, and the wax was from old candles we had lying around. My husband Graham has inspired my love of indigo and graciously planed down the birch, sourced locally from urban wood.