Bright colors painted while listening to music – a requirement for me when I am working – is how I express myself. Often they are barely interchangeable in my mind. The music influences the art and the art influences the music choices. This is how I spend the bulk of my time and how I handle the external and internal forces that I, like so many others, battle daily. Chronic pain from fibromyalgia and migraines.  Anxiety.  Depression. These all impact the art that I create.

I have found that by expressing my feelings through art and using bright kaleidoscopes of color in my work, I am creating the world as I want it to be.  Shiny, happy, delicious, melodious, and rich in experiences.  There might be notes of the darkness and chaos underneath of it all, but joy must be the final expression and feeling exuded in the bulk of my work.  Giving into the less than desirable parts is not something I am prone to doing in my work, which in and of itself is a cathartic, magical way for me to work through whatever my current situation and status might be. 

While my art is abstract in nature, without discernible figures or images, I hope that you find something in it that brings warmth and happiness to your heart. Thanks for learning just a little bit about what I put into each piece that I create.

This collection was created based specifically off of the music of female artists.  Each piece is uniquely created while listening to the song that was inspiring it.  Bringing attention to female artists across all media is still critical.  While some songs are well-known and well-loved, others are not.  I wanted to mix up generation, genres, and norms to find songs that spoke to me.  Some are tied to events that occurred during those days.  Some are just songs that spoke to me.


To see my full 30 x 30 x 30 playlist, click the link below and it will bring you to the music behind the art: