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02 Feb. 2018 - 28 April 2018


Illustrating the obligations to space and self, The To-Do List confronts notions of domestic life through impractical exaggeration and dysfunction. 

"While the necessities of chores are sometimes presented as endeavors undertaken as a team, their never-ending aspect is also noted. A broom is crafted from carved wood, curling into a bend toward the bristles, which are woven into a similarly infinite shape. We have all been there, when the cleaning rituals are revealed for the endless things they are. Berry’s sculptures turn them into moments that are elegant and expressive, not dour in the least, but poetically insistent and resigned."


Kneevers, Kat. "A 'To-Do List' at the New Var West Gallery" Shepard Express 27 March 2018,

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