bio:  I am seah. obsessed with water. my body is a vessel of the hydrosphere. dinosaur piss runs through my veins.


seah investigates relational techniques for posthuman articulations of the landscape within the structures of video, sound, and performance. Current “technonaturebody” experiments involve wearing multiple cameras and contact mic’s on the body while physically interacting with the immediate environment. The movement language has evolved from decades long research in Butoh, Body Weather Laboratory, Noguchi Taiso, and Somatic Movement, as well as extended periods of time spent in remote wilderness areas.

Over the last 5 years, seah has spent a great deal of time tracing waterways. “Fluvial Traces” follows rivers using feet, bike, or paddleboat and has included the Mae Nam Ping in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Detroit River, and a river in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. The larger arc of “Water Tracings” includes various waterways in San Francisco/Oakland, Venice, Italy, and the Finnish Archipelago.

seah gives lectures on her art practice, Posthumanism and Nomadic Theory, as well as movement/technology workshops at universities, colleges, conferences, festivals, and culture centers throughout the world.


like water - photographic documentation of live performance at Spread Arts, Detroit, 2017

termination shock - photographic documentation of live performance at SOMArts, San Francisco 2017

sukelluksissa - still images from video installation Aarhus, Denmark, 2019

the longest pause - photographic documentation of live performance at Code and Canvas, San Francisco, 2019

what remains - photographic documentation of live performance in Penang, Malaysia, 2015

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