Sarah Jane Sutterfield received her BFA at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, majoring in Integrated Studio Arts and practicing sculpture, installation, and painting. Prior to graduating, Sutterfield participated in the residency program Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN). Post-graduation, Sutterfield has exhibited in exhibitions regionally from Eldorado, Kansas to Green Bay, Wisconsin. She maintains her studio practice as an artist in residence at Var Gallery and Studios in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Sutterfield is a multidisciplinary artist who primarily works with painting, sculpture, and installation. She devotes most of her time conducting research on the philosophies of abstraction, the object, and theories related to the perception of light in a contemporary art context. Her hyper palpable works feature paint tube marks and metallic film that gleams and radiates when lit. Through post-painterly strategies, anchored by an additive and subtractive process, she overworks the surfaces of her paintings to challenge concepts of traditional abstraction. Through layering, repetitive mark making, and bright colors, she is determined to bring the painting to its fullest objecthood.