Rachael M. Gonzalez (b.n. Rachael McHan) was born and raised in New Preston CT, before relocating to Chicago in 2005 to pursue a B.A. at North Park University, where she studied acrylic painting. Following her graduation, she worked as a painting assistant for Tim Lowly (and as a caregiver for his daughter Temma) and as a gallery assistant to Gillock Gallery in Evanston IL. From 2009 to present day, she has participated in numerous exhibitions across the US and in Canada and France, and her work has been featured in several US magazines, journals and publications. In 2013 she began studying the healing arts, and now works as a bodyworker, folk herbalist and reiki master. Her paintings are irrevocably informed by this work- creating intimate moments through a tactile, meditative process. She creates series that celebrate closeness with the natural world and one another. For a full list of exhibitions, projects and related activities, visit rmgonzalez.com.

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