Raw Edge Appliqué with Ankara and Batik Fabric


1. for colored gals

2. if you called to say you’re sorry, call somebody else

3. she who comes with her own things

4. consort of the spirits

5. who walks like a lion

6. you’re mean, low down, triflin’

7. i am more than i am not

8. the terrain of the new world is art

9. black people are a mythological presence

10. in our ordinaryness we are the most bizarre 

11. i can’t be nice to nobody

12. i found god in myself and i loved her fiercely

13. my love is too sanctified to be thrown back on my face

14. confused sunrise with pain

15. rest in love queen

16. we are left with the scars

17. yellow gal

18. your obstructions will join you or disappear

19. water it your damn self

20. rise up fallen fighters

21. where there is a woman there is magic

22. i’m not even sorry about you being sorry

23. sing the song of her possibilities

24. dance with the universe, make it ours

25. our dreams draw blood from old sores

26. sing a righteous gospel

27. my spirit is too ancient to understand the separation of soul and gender

28. for colored girls who don’t even exist yet.

29. hard times

30. sing her song of life

Rosy Petri

Piece Number