Underglaze on Stoneware


1. The Firebird and the Golden Apple
2. How the Crow Came to Be Black
3. Be Content With Your Life
4. Baba Yaga’s House
5. A Tsarevna’s Suitor
6. Kodama
7. The Frog Tsarevna
8. Why the Cheetah’s Cheeks are Stained
9. Desire Things You Don’t Understand and You Accept the Consequences
10. Little Friends May Prove Great Friends
11. Br’er Rabbit
12. Gratitude and Greed Go Not Together
13. Fire Thieves
14. Tolba the Great Turtle
15. The Juniper Tree
16. The Wedding of Mrs. Fox
17. The Musicians of Bremen
18. Tanuki
19. Koschei’s Soul
20. Narwhal’s origin
21. Star Stealer
22. The Dog and the Crocodile
23. It is Easy to Despise What You Cannot Get
24. Kotobuki
25. Little by Little Does the Trick
26. Leshy
27. Finist the Falcon
28. Billy Goats Gruff
29. Crows are in the Corn
30. Nekomata   

Missy Ziebart

Piece Number