Mixed Media on Panel


1. Parhelion Observation Point; Complete With Aristotelian Library Set
2. Microtonal Abacus Expo Building
3. Underwater Sunset; Southern Boundary Waters
4. Condensation Isle; Where Rain Goes to Sleep
5.Anthropocene Dig Site, Lower Coast, Far Future
6. Immaterialist Cathedral Requires Constant Concentration for Existence
7. Dedication Ceremony for Postmodern Tennis Courts and Music Hall, Mideast Lands
8.Turner Canyon Plagued with Perpetual Mist
9. Superhighway Merge Point; Generative Syntax Node
10. Development of Split Level Homes Slows in the Agnes Martin Subdivision
11. Sea Harbor Receives Tetherball Installation
12. Grand Lac Foucault
13. Gone-Again Mountain Range; Present but Unreachable
14. Grieg Fjord Continues to Pursue Infinite Depths
15. Acrostic Geyser Enjoys Sabbatical on Poemes Flats
16. Benevolent Storm Clouds Rescue Promethean Plains
17. Medulla City Center
18. ee cummings cloud garden
19. Buckminster Fuller Memorial Croquet Field
20. Sartrean Forest In-Itself; Soundless When Trees Fall
21. Exurban Epistemic Reactor Threatens Meltdown
22. Glacial Etudes of the Near North
23. Sea of Melville: While Phonograph Plays Chavez 24.Paisajes Mexicano Variaciones Sinfónicas Cliffs of Goya
25. Knausgård Snowbelt Arrives Over Middle Central Foothills
26. Ocean Vacuum Hydroplant and Intuition Pump
27. Specific Heat Region; Producing Dialectical Wind Cycles
28. Cartesian Canal System Drains into Dual Deltas
29. Sand Dune Collection and Staging Area; Klee Plains
30. Hebbian Volcano of the Mid-Northern Steppes Exhibiting Increased Synaptic Activity


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