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1. Magpies are one of few animals that have self recognition
2. Crows play catch with themselves
3. New Caledonian crows make sawed hook tools to pull out food
4. Touching after fighting reinforces relationships
5. Hooded crow
6. Up to no good
7. The nictitating membrane acts as built in goggles
8. Crows impersonate predators to scare away animals and steal food
9. Relative size of ravens and crows
10. One of the few tool-using animals
11. Crows are excellent puzzle solvers
12. Crows will remember and yell at you for years if you’re mean
13. They have sex with the dead
14. Ravens are known to steal golf balls
15. Corvids wil leave gifts for the dead
16. Allopreening happens in close relationships
17. Having a drink
18. Rooks are the size of ravens and have no feathers around the beak
19. As mimics, crows are equal to parrots
20. Corvids hold “funerals” for the dead
21. Urban crows have high cholesterol from eating fast food
22. Crows watch traffic signals and safely place nuts in the road for cars to crack
23. Talking a walk
24. Inspecting the dead
25. I’m a curious bird
26. Tug of war for fun (left)*
27. Tug of war for fun (right)*
28. Flight
29. Ravens have throat feathers called hackles
30. The soft parts

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