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05 May 2018 - 23 June 2018


In Partnership with Var West Gallery, the Plum Blossom Initiative is proud to announce BRIDGE WORK: Emerging Artists from the Midwest, the third annual group exhibition that brings together multidisciplinary work by artists associated with Bridge Work, the Midwestern based arts initiative. A collaborative endeavor initiated by Jason S. Yi and Leah Kolb of Plum Blossom Initiative (Wisconsin), Mat Greiner of Chicken Tractor (Iowa), and Launa Bacon of Darger HQ (Nebraska), and joined in 2017 by the curators of Arts + Literature Laboratory (Madison), Bridge Work provides critical opportunities for emerging artists to broaden the scope of their professional connections and experiences. With current chapters in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska, this multi-state project also endeavors to forge a more interconnected arts community throughout the region by facilitating meaningful artistic exchanges and dialogs among artists and art-centered organizations and professionals. 

Featured artists include: 
Jennifer Bastian (Madison, WI), Jen P. Harris (Iowa City, IA), Jamie Ho (Madison, WI), Rachel Kauff (Iowa City, IA), Allison Krenz (Milwaukee, WI) , Allen Lasky (Milwaukee, WI), LaNia Sproles (Milwaukee, WI), Thalia Rodgers (Lincoln, NE), Erik White (Lincoln, NE)

Bridge Work’s annual exhibition series aims to generate the public exposure necessary for artists to successfully network and establish beneficial relationships within the larger contemporary art world. The nine emerging artists invited to participate in this project
express the energy, commitment, and willingness to benefit from the resources and guidance provided by each region’s facilitators.
The resulting group exhibition shows wide-ranging works from artists who are clearly dedicated to their practices and poised to
fully engage the contemporary art world.

Jennifer Bastian:
Jen P. Harris:
Jamie Ho:
Rachel Kauff:
Allison Krenz:
Allen Lasky:
LaNia Sproles:
Thalia Rodgers:
Erik White:

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