Thursday, February 6th

6:00PM - 7:00PM | Cocktail Hour
7:00PM - 9:00PM | Dinner ft. Katie Gabert (Riverside Pabst Theater)
8:30PM - 9:30 | Performance ft. Jason Anderson
9:30PM to 10:30PM | After Dinner Cocktail Hour

Paired is an intimate evening of contemporary art, live music, culinary food, and craft cocktails. Each session is host to a new Milwaukee based chef and musician. In attendance, Var Gallery also invites our current exhibiting artists— including artists from our sister galleries: Hawthorn Contemporary and Var West Gallery. Upon arrival our bar is open for pre-dinner beverages (cocktail hour: 6:00pm - 7:00pm). During this time we encourage guests to roam around the gallery as our chef prepares the night’s first course. The evening will officially begin with a welcome introduction from event curators: Josh Hintz and Jason Yi (gallery directors), as well as Var’s stage manager, Sam Brunelli of the Pabst/Riverside Group. Dinner will be served from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. Between courses continue to enjoy beverages from our bar, browse the gallery, and get to know one another; including our exhibiting artists and supporters of Milwaukee's creative community. We will closeout the night with dessert followed by a cozy live performance from our guest musician.

Chef Bio:

Katie Gabert

Katie is a Milwaukee native who started building her career in the restaurant industry at 17.  After cooking around the city for years she became the Chef de Cuisine at Goodkind and later the sous chef at The Pabst Theater Group. Currently she is working on side projects and maintaining the pasta program at Goodkind. 


For our dinner on the 6th, you can look forward to Yucatecan inspired dishes derived from Katie’s time spent cooking with her family from the Caribbean shores of Mexico, brought to life by a mix of traditional and Eastern European technique. Expect a seafood forward 9-course menu including fried octopus and tea-marinated scallops as well as hand made fresh pastas and breads. 



Nance + Bitter Orange Ceviche | Water Cress | Cured Ham | Mamey | Pepita + Bran

Black Cocoa + Charred Chili Babka | Sour Papaya Butter


Bone Broth | Tomato Cavatelli | Lima Bean Escabeche | Carrot Tops 


Tea Steamed Tamale | Venison Recado Negro | Table Sauce


Coconut Cream Bulgur | Chaya | Amaranth Crisp | Compressed Chayote + Cactus 


Squid Ink Raviolo | Oaxaca Cheese Mousse | Quail Egg I Achiote Fried Octopus 


Agua de Aloe | Chia 


Smoked Cherry Ice Cream | Guava | Fish Sauce Meringue 


Honey Cake | Candied Epazote 

*Bitter Hot Chocolate | Anejo 


Burnt Sugar + Coconut Caramel Candy





Performance Description/Bio:

Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson is an endearing singer-songwriter whose work is as anthemic as it is affecting. After spending 2017 touring as guitarist and keyboard player for Strand of Oaks, Jason has been working with producer Thomas Wincek (Volcano Choir, Field Report) on an exciting new solo album. Originally from the wilds of central New Hampshire, he now calls Toronto home.





“Halloween": on spotify

“Time”: on spotify

November 2019 | ft. Valerie (Val) Bartram (chef)