I endeavor to understand ‘place’ by engaging fully with its material value, elevating human detritus and local geology to the artistic practice.   I am interested in the intersection between the natural and the man-made, objects that seem otherworldly and can catalogue the growth of our planet.  This is a series of landscape conglomerates made using found materials, scientific slides, rocks,  and other things one might enjoy collecting.    These treasures and photo reproductions are encased in resin, forming a jewel-like specimen to remember one's place in our current geologic time.  


It is always a bit suspect to look at something really beautiful, like a sublime landscape, and want to make it into art. However, the goal in this work is to see the shift of those expectations one has about memorializing an experience in nature.  To confront , immediately and directly if possible, the bare bones of a natural encounter; the elemental, fundamental, and industrial.  All of which make the bedrock which sustains us.  I’ve been imagining what a specimen of that bedrock could resemble; an assemblage of archived landscape images and the detritus found therefrom.