One for Us
Black Queer Study
Untitled (Uncle T and his two sons, G & J)
Implicit Bias Test #2
Twice as Hard
Black, American Flag #3
Black, American Flag #3 (detail)
Black, American Flag #2, 2019
Portrait of ND





Through my practice, I work to understand the relationship between blackness and visibility as they converge at the site of the camera. I center my investigation at the intersection of the history of Black representation via photography, and the widening utilizations of the image within contemporary surveillance practices. In doing so, the camera becomes representative of not only itself but the greater societal and governmental systems within which images function. Thus, image, sculpture, and writing are rendered apt vehicles to describe this point of intersection, as well as a means to interrogate the value of visibility, the image’s capability for representation, and the camera’s ability to grant agency and perform violence upon Black bodies. The goal of my practice is to reconfigure the surveilling power dynamic between those who are privileged to observe by way of the white gaze, and those who are rendered hypervisible by their blackness.