Landscape like things seems to hold something else in reserve, a type of mysterious excess. Irreducible to its material forms, landscape is also at once an epistemology–a mode of explanation and a practice–a mode of participation and a site of agency.

                                                                                                            –Elizabeth Helsinger

 This recent series of silk-screen printed landscape images focus on confronting the borders and boundaries of both physical and existential delineation, examining those places along the margins of society and our psyche. These images are meant to explore the psychological thresholds and the edge of conscious thought in relation to space and its material forms. The resulting work exists as an indexical record of my explorations of and in Badlands National Park. With some degree of consciousness, they relate to the abstract and physical facets of landscape, ways of investigating nature and how the landscape can potentially influence me both visually and physically. The final mechanically reproduced work suggests the potential transformation and subjectively influenced framing of reality. These images embrace the theory that they require our participation in order to be landscapes.