Mood. We can’t help but focus on our mood, especially in the year 2020. It is our intent to create a series of mood boards and be literal. Literally images of textures, colors, textiles, wood, and imagery that depicts mood, all moods we have all been feeling. Mood boards are created to brainstorm, start a piece of artwork, design a room, plan for a logo, etc. We have created mood boards as a psychological iteration of what we have all been feeling, the desires, the despair, the messy and clean, mood/feelings/emotions. The imagery for the 30x30x30 exhibition is titled to label each mood board in that  it relates to a feeling or emotion, “despair” being a good one for 2020! “Despair” is depicted to have all the textures, wood tones, textiles and imagery that relates to that feeling. Our pieces reflect Phoebe’s interior design practice, and Melissa’s love for textiles related to fine art. We feel this is an experiment in being literal with our moods, emotions and feelings in the last year, and the joy in setting it to classic design brainstorming.