Mother and Child
Mother and Child (detail)
torso front
torso back
Degas study
Gillham Park Tree
Gillham Park Hill




My work is primarily based on the endeavor to search for information and understand my material. I work almost exclusively from direct observation, often in the form of plein air (outdoor) painting. I find that a direct response to subject matter can prove to have very subtle characteristics of self-expression, as sensation influences perception. My interest in materials and techniques stems from my passion for Art Conservation, which heavily relies on chemistry to understand the process of artmaking. I also utilize color optics associated with restorative inpainting in my work through gestural, Impressionistic-like mark-making. My personal goal as an artist is to diversify myself with as many mediums and techniques, so that I can better understand the “how” that goes into the “what” of artmaking. I have experience thus far in painting, drawing, printmaking, book and paper arts, sculpture, and design. 

Although I identify as a traditionalist, I have tried to familiarize myself with advances in technology through digital branding and design. I’ve worked to design pins through my involvement in figure skating, and I currently work as a Graphic Designer for Marble Renaissance - a natural stone restoration company based in Wisconsin. I find that an artist’s versatility proves to be very helpful in today’s multi-media work environment, so I tend not to identify myself with one discipline or another. All forms of art are infinitely intertangled, making it is impossible to discern an independent working method which has no other outside influences. 

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