Four In A Boat and the Tide Rolls Hi
Too Much Sea for Amateurs: Marooned
Too Much Sea for Amateurs: Capsize/B
The Front
The Place
The Place (detail)



Maggie Sasso is a Milwaukee based textile artist, producing conceptual bodies of work that express macrocosmic ideas through microcosmic detail and examines the role of material culture in relationship to our collective past. Her studio is located Var West.


Sasso examines the systems through which we identify meaning in our culture, observing the ways we regularly ritualize our behaviors, and make artifacts out of our objects. History is imbedded in everything: by analyzing and interpreting the history manifest in our surroundings, we maintain a strong connection to our material culture. She presents the balance between difficult tragedy and humorous optimism and regards ordinary stories from Midwestern characters as sacred legend. Her installations are tactile and penetrable, presenting objects as theatrical props and material relics, and inviting us to simultaneously explore the past and consider our collective future.



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