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Jimmy Cobb


Inspired by the shaped canvas movements in the 70s, these works combine a sense of naivety with visual consistency. The work aims to exemplify reactions between flat and three-dimensional space. These works are found as unresolved experiments. In the divergent and individual world we are a part of, relationship is a theme worth exploring. As an artist, I find it surreal how much give and take we have with unseen aspects. In this body of work, my pursuit seeks to explain how deliberate or passive these aspects can be. By coaxing an interplay between these two spaces, there stands to be new and useful strategies learned in the visual field. The objects; set in three-dimensional wood and two-dimensional drawing are bridged by a semi-dimensional unpainted canvas. This is the space in question. Put frankly, these works intend to highlight stretching the canvas as an act. To showcase drawings as a collaborative backdrop, and to hold sculpture as a randomly formed but deliberately used object.

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