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Jaymes Fedor


This series of paintings has three main themes: heaven on top, hell on the bottom, and life in between. Heaven and hell are not the places they would be in a religious context, other-worldly realms that a person might ascend to or descend to. In my paintings, heaven and hell are coexisting right now, where we all are, in each of our one and only lifetimes. Heaven is a place where you can spend time with your family, drink clean water and breath fresh air, and love yourself fully. Hell is a place where you stare into a blue screen surrounded by people you hate in a den of jealousy and entitlement for one and only purpose: securing “money”. Once fully head-ached by the blue screens, you will be denied days off with your family, and you won’t be able to change your arbitrary work schedule so you can breastfeed your baby. You know, a rat on the street can nurse her young, she doesn’t need to beg some weird lady in a blonde wig for this privilege. A rat has no boss…Well, whatever! What do we do? We just live life. We mow our lawns against our intuition, garden, try to repair what we can and forget about some of the bad stuff. Maybe we can spend less money somehow so we can take more time off of work. Draw our friends, do the laundry. We might paint even though it’s kind of an ego-activity that pollutes the earth. Day to day, it’s alright. We’ll all be fine. This is still our one and only life but none of it ~really~ matters! We are all just tomatoes that will one day be composted and no one will remember that we even existed.

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