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Daniel Nutt


Dan J Nutt has worked with a variety of media from acrylic and oil painting to metals, woods, and textiles. He is deeply drawn to the tangible and tactile nature of the materials and is intrigued by his responses to them. His current body of work revolves around textiles, and the process of dying, dividing, and joining large sheets of color into small one-off patterns and moments of exploration. Cutting the dyed sheets down to size allows for quick play and pairing of colors before the strips and squares of fabric are sewn together creating a more permanent union. His interest in textiles resided in how they can function as containers for memory and the body. The texture and feel of the cloth, the aesthetic and look it provides, all feed into an individual's perception of self.  It is through direct interaction and time with these different textiles, that Nutt explores identity through his intuitive response to colors and textures.

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