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Caitlyn Doran


If attention is the purest form of love, what form does it take when we multi-task: a pure all-powerful one, or does that love just dilute to the point of crisis? I am someone who examines her split consciousness every day to better answer this question. Scrolling while walking, posting while chatting, texting while eating, hyperstimulation and distraction are omnipresent in this era. Though, such interruptions can be entirely screenless even - a sudden thought crowding over an idea, eclipsing a realization. My 30x30 body of work, GIRL INTERRUPTED, takes inventory of my attention at various moments throughout January 2024. Each piece reflects the tension and contrast between contrary elements, such as the past vs the present, the analog vs the digital, high art vs low, monochrome vs multi-hue, wet media vs dry, and origination vs appropriation.

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