I love the ingenuity of art. I believe art should be fun, playful, and experimental. As a personal rule, I don't take anything too seriously. Art is a mind let loose! Art is one individual's perspective - his/her actions recorded. Art is a dream that we create.


I typically start with no plan; the spontaneity helps capture the unconscious. The opening whirlwind of creativity sets the tone for the ensuing work of art - often utilizing whatever materials happen to be handy at the time. Working fast and loose, the emotions become nearly tangible. This opening push is then carefully considered, as my own personal Rorschach test. I wrangle the mess. I enjoy a controlled mess.


My art is a product of me and my surrounding environment - a peak inside my mind.  I weave a dreamscape of the real along with the imagined. The goal is to start a conversation. I like creating never before seen images and sharing a moment with the viewer. There are infinite possibilities in the realm of art; it is this that excites me the most.