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Ben Yacavone


A wooden spoon is both universal and unique - each one made for the same purpose, and becoming its own entity through a lifetime of use and care. Repetition in making, holding, stirring and sharing is mirrored in the repetition of the process of making, carving, shaping, and sanding. Each spoon was created as a gesture, attempting to both embrace and ignore the traditional ideas of what makes a spoon - a place that holds, connected to something to hold. A new form created each day, working within the limitations and strengths of the material, mirroring the daily act of making to serve the needs of the day. Each form holds, scoops, stirs, or pours as uniquely as the hands that hold it and the hands that created it. Each spoon is carved from locally sourced native Wisconsin hardwoods, using traditional hand carving tools and techniques to celebrate the hand in making.

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