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Autumn Horwath


Slow Progression is an exercise in dissecting my views of an object. Each row consists of abstractions of one domestic object: lamp, mug, knife, chair, comb, and hand broom. The imbalance between its utility and what it represents. I think about my grandma a lot. Sometimes I think I have memories that are not my own. Are they my mom’s or my grandma’s or was it a dream? What happened to that clamshell soap dish? If we are lucky, the people who love us teach us how to take care of ourselves. How to learn, rest, protect ourselves, take up space, be present, and grow. To not pretend that our flaws do not exist. To not pretend that “flaws” in society do not exist. To not pretend that we can overcome these on our own. When did this mug start holding memories. When did I realize I resent the comb.

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