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Ashley Bohne


In this series of experimental weavings, I utilized traditional inlay techniques in collaboration with the process of excluding and then re-including threads into the weaving both on and off the loom. These experimental techniques create an illusion of the weaving being pulled apart, the threads, unwoven, now used as their own visual element. In addition, these varying techniques also alter the inherited opacity of the woven piece, making the various geometric shapes appear as a shadow-like form. The ideas of decay and shadow-like imagery go hand in hand with the fact that the process used to produce this imagery is slowly fading out of use. The advent of industrialization saw the removal of the human hand from craft processes, relegating them to domestic or industrial applications. As this becomes more prevalent, craft processes fall further out of discussion, resulting in centuries of generational knowledge being dismissed.  It is my goal to bring these craft processes back into discussion and replenish the valuable information lost.

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