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Glimmers joins two artists, Anika Kowalik and David Mueller, that share both intuitive and laborious processes in search of clarity. In this instance, “a glimmer” is defined as the moment of clarity itself. We find that it can be found within our works whether characterized as something faint or shining brightly immensely.



Fueling off the whimsy, every last celebration, and preservation of the self. Fancying Double Dutch with a worn-out phone cord, a Spaulding Alley-ooped or 5th round of Mz. Sue.

Utilizing objects to decorate and adorn this black body allows for excavation of the muddy and ugly to overturn what was overlooked


and lost.

I made this for you and me. So when you look at me, you see yourself reflecting back at you. 

Do you know how good you’ve always looked?

Everyone’s dying to be like you.

But no one’s dying unless they 𝙙𝙤 look like you. 

Hold onto me

and don’t forget 𝙢𝙚



Over the past year, my work has sought to create a space in which I can process feelings of friendship, gender, grief, and intimacy. In my painting practice, I’ve found the most joy in the laboratory’s immediacy. Quick as the medium is, it allows me to materialize some of my rapidly cycling ideas. Images and planes of space are excavated from layers of paint. Through a psychological-emotional lens, memory becomes splintered, revised, and semi-opaque. Fact, fiction, and fantasy become a point of focus, yet indistinguishable from one another. 

I had approached this series with the intent of incorporating sigil making rituals into the initial layout and composition of each piece; a sort of homage to my brother, who practiced witchcraft as a means of self-healing. He was killed in a drowning accident this year. The studio became a source of refuge during those difficult times as I coped with immense grief as well as a recent divorce. The pieces range from abstractions to figures, and serve as landmarks on the road to self-rediscovery. 

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